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Ned Dixon is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that also holds an advanced degree in taxation.  Ned has extensive experience in accounting and the field of financial consulting and advice. 

Ned works with clients to gain an understanding of their concerns and offers the best possible advice for the situation under the circumstances.  Ned offers consulting on a one-time basis for an individual transaction such as purchasing a home or securing a mortgage or on an ongoing basis if needed.

Recently, Ned has had a lot of questions over health insurance due to the Covid-19 epidemic and has been doing a lot of insurance consulting.  Many businesses are concerned over liability or just trying to stay in business.  He published an article on emergency savings and building up an emergency account to help his clients.

Ned offers common sense financial advice for major transactions, investments, savings, borrowing loans and retirement.  Things are financially difficult these days and Ned can help you navigate through the obstacles to achieve financial success.

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Stock Market Investment Tip of the Month

  1. Check your emotions at the door.
  2. Pick companies, not stocks.
  3. Plan ahead for panicky times.
  4. Build up your stock positions with a minimum of risk.
  5. Avoid trading over activity.

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